WDAL8640P Washer Dryer - White

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Model: 143504

  • Wash load capacity: 8 kg
  • Drying load capacity: 6 kg
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Energy rating: A
  • One-year manufacturer's guarantee
The freestanding Hotpoint WDA-L8640P Washer Dryer in white beats laundry day blues with large washing and drying load capacities, fast spin performance and a range of dynamic programmes.

More laundry in one appliance

Offering an 8 kg wash capacity and able to dry 6 kg of clothes, this washer dryer combo is the ideal laundry solution for busy homes. Get more clothes in through the large front porthole, which opens through 180 degrees for enhanced convenience.

Its 1400 rpm spin speed removes the majority of water from each wash, leaving just 44% so that drying times are reduced and your laundry days are more productive.

Wash programmes galore

The W-DAL8640-P Washer Dryer has 16 versatile wash programmes on offer to meet all your clothes cleaning requirements.

Choose from Anti Stain, Whites, Cottons 60, Cottons 40, Synthetics, Wool Delicates, Fast Wash 30 and Express Wash and Dry 45 to care for all your different garments and fabrics perfectly. Great news for allergy sufferers is the Anti Allergy programme, which effectively removes major irritants including pollen, mites and pet hair.

Eco-friendly washing machine

The WDAL-8640P Washer Dryer also features an Eco function, which saves on energy consumption by not heating the water used for the laundry.

Its Eco Tech icon highlights the appliance's A energy rating, signifying that it saves some 50% to 70% in energy by automatically modifying the Cotton, Synthetic or Fast Wash cycles. Save up to 50% energy for the Eco Cotton cycle, up to 68% for Eco Synthetic cycle and up to 70% for Eco Fast Wash cycle (all compared to equivalent 30oC cycle).

Easy use and progress checks

An LED display with programme progress indicators keeps you clearly informed as to the status of your wash cycle, helping you fit laundry times in with your busy schedule.

Choose the white Hotpoint WDA-L8640P Washer Dryer to equip your home with a powerful, versatile and eco-friendly clothing care appliance.

Technical specifications for HOTPOINT WDAL8640P Washer Dryer - White

Type Freestanding washer dryer
Colour White
Manufacturer's guarantee 1 year
Energy rating A
Drying type Condenser
Energy consumption per cycle with dryer - 5.44 kWh
- 105 litres
Energy consumption per cycle without dryer - 1.04 kWh
- 73 litres
Wash performance A
Water remaining after spin 44%
Maximum spin speed 1400 rpm
Spin performance A
Washing capacity 8 kg
Drying capacity 6 kg
Annual consumption with dryer - 1088 kWh
- 21000 litres
Annual consumption without dryer - 208 kWh
- 14600 litres
Noise level (wash) 51 dB(A)
Noise level (spin) 85 dB(A)
Variable temperature Yes
Number of programs 16
Programs - Anti Allergy
- Anti Stain
- Cottons 40
- Cottons 60
- Delicates
- Express Wash & Dry 45
- Fast Wash 30
- Synthetics
- Whites
- Wool
Functions - Eco Wash
- Time Saver
60° wash time 199 minutes
40° wash time 180 minutes
30° wash time 80 minutes
Quick wash time 30 minutes
Wash and dry cycle time 45 minutes
Number of minutes on timer 180 minutes
Number of drying temperatures 2
Number of programs 16
Drying time for cotton cycle 145 minutes
Spin stability Yes
Loading - Front loading
- 180° opening porthole
Fluff filter Yes
Other features - Automatic Rinse Hold
- Automatic Variable Load
- Super Silent
Display LED indicators
Program selector Dial & buttons
Dimensions 850 x 595 x 605 mm (H x W x D)
Dimensions (inches) 33.46 x 23.42 x 23.82 inches (H x W x D)
Boxed dimensions 890 x 650 x 655 mm (H x W x D)
Weight 72 kg
Boxed weight 74 kg